Renting mastclimbing equipment is a big part of what we do. As an independent company, we don’t represent any specific manufacturers. Instead, we always try to find you the right machine for your application. From light duty to heavy duty, from single units to multi-machine commercial projects, no job is too big or too small. Our rental fleet is available for delivery locally, nationally, and internationally. We offer a variety of machines for every job and everything is available for casual or contract rental.

If you have a project where access is difficult, we will welcome the opportunity to use our knowledge of the projects we have worked on over many years to help find the the best solution.

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Mini Mastclimbers

700 – 2000 lbs capacity

Our range of mini mastclimbers includes both single and three phase electric units. Perfect for those jobs where space or weight is restricted, these mini mastclimbers are easily installed and operated.

Ultralite (Powermast)
Electroelsa EP 2818

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Regular duty Mastclimbers

2001 – 4000 lbs capacity

These regular duty mastclimbers are efficient and quick in multiple applications, providing an ergonomic platform for your labour force to work from.

Hek McM
Alimak Hek MCM

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Heavy duty Mastclimbers

4001 – 7000 lbs capacity

The heavy duty electric mastclimbers offer great capacity and platform length. They can be used with a pedestal base or a mobile free standing chassis.

Alimak APF
Alimak 6600

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Hydraulic Mastclimbers

7001 – 10,000 lbs capacity

The hydraulic range of mastclimbers has become the tool of the trade with capacities from 8,000lbs and up. These units are very flexible and can contour most buildings’ irregular facades. They offer many accessories to aid the efficiency of your projects.

Fraco 20K
Fraco 8000
Fraco Act 8

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Ladder Lifts

The ladder lift can be used either free standing at an angle up to 60 ft high or vertical up to a maximum height of 100 ft.

Camac Ladder Lift

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Material Lifts

Material lifts are available with small compact or large platforms from 400lbs right up to 5,000lbs, single and three-phase units are easily installed and simple to operate.


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Transport Platforms

The transport platform offers vertical transportation of both men and materials – or just material alone. The single cars are most common and can be installed either parallel to the building or perpendicular, depending on your requirements. The transport platforms are also an excellent product for special applications offering flexibility and ease of use.

Alimak CT (Twin)
DeJong PT 1500

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Construction Elevators

Our growing fleet on elevators is both comprehensive and varied. Offering size and speed where needed, dual car and single car, landing gates, and docks are all available. We also offer common towers or run back systems where the building steps back and access is still needed. Automatic car call systems can also be fitted.

Hek PLM 5000
Avro 4400
Fraco SEH 7000
Fraco SEH 6000

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Industrial Lifts

We have gained many years of experience working in the industrial sector, both with standard machines and for special applications. Whatever your application requirements are we would like to help find you a solution.

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Other Equipment / Accessories

We know that having the right accessories can make life easier and we have a large range of parts and accessories available for rental and sale.


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